Simple. Modular. Beautiful. Stage design.

Mod Scenes are modular, plastic scenic elements that are designed for flexibility and beauty. They link up together in tons of unique ways, creating multiple setups with a single set of panels. They can build as backdrops, self supporting towers, or even cubes. 

Mod Scenes come in sets of four 1' 11" x 1' 11"panels. They ship with multiple connector plates and all the hardware needed. Our panels are fire retardant to ensure the utmost safety. The panels are also lightweight and very easy to hang. Most importantly though, they catch light extraordinarily!

Check out the different styles. Mix and match or configure how you want. They're affordable and versatile. Their quick and easy setup ensures a visually beautiful stage in a short amount of time.


Looking for something a bit more road-worthy?  We offer great options including heavy use plastics utilizing our existing designs. Check out our online store below or Contact us today about how we can serve you!


We also offer more than just Mod Scenes. Shop our accessories for swag, inexpensive blinder systems, and accessories to make your next set even easier.


Styles change each quarter.
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