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What are the new ProScene Panels?

ProScene panels are fire rated PVC panels designed to serve our clients that need a more road worthy scenic product. They are 23.5" squares designed to build quickly and transform a space with minimal effort. They can fly from truss, pipe and drape, or be setup as self-supporting towers. In addition to the standard hardware included with each pack, we also offer captive hardware which provides an easier and quicker option to build.  Check out all of our in-stock designs in or online store, or reach out to steven@modscenes.com to find the design that works best for you.

What Material do you use?

For Most of our products we use one of two materials:
ModScene Panels- We use a custom white 4mm coroplast. Our coroplast has a high GSM density and is fire retardant. Coroplast is a durable, lightweight, and reflective plastic that works great for stage designs.
ProScene Panels- We utilize a fire rated expanded PVC. This PVC is 6mm (~1/4") thick and has a very uniform texture. It is a relatively sturdy plastic that is great for extended use applications. This plastic cleans easily and is incredibly reflective
In addition we can cut almost any material to make the custom product of your dreams.

How quick can I get my product?

Our goal is to fulfill orders on the same level as Amazon.  We do our best to ship out most products on the same day.  92% of orders ship the same day. Typically any order under 100 panels will ship the same day. Let us know if you have specific time requirements and we will help to ensure your product arrives before you need it.

How quick is shipping?

We utilize multiple carriers but most orders ship via Fed Ex ground. With our central location, most ground shipments in the continental US arrive within 3 business days or less. We also offer expedited shipping based on need. Some products can even be delivered the same day they are ordered (within the US), contact us to find out more.

Can you customize the panels?

All the panels are customizable. We can cut onto multiple types of material in a large range of colors. We can also cut custom artwork and graphics for an additional charge. We also do full color printing on any panel type. Contact us for a custom quote.

What type of hardware is used?

Mod Scenes- All of our panels connect with custom hardware connectors. Each panel pack (set of 4) is sent with 8- 4 hole connectors, 1- 3 hole (L shaped ) connectors and 8- 2 hole connectors to provide great flexibility on layout. These connector plates are fastened with 1/4 carriage bolts and wing nuts, which allows for easy replacement from your local hardware store when the most adventurous wing nut flys away.  We also offer nylon bolts and wingnuts if you want the hardware to disappear.

ProScenes- Each panel pack (set of 4) is sent with 8- 4 hole connectors, 1- 3 hole (L shaped ) connector and 8- 2 hole connectors. These standard connectors are made of PVC and attach panel to panel with provided carriage bolts and wingnuts. You can choose your finish of bolts at checkout, either Zinc plated metal or Nylon. 
In addition, we can provide some pretty incredible captive hardware.  We utilize fire rated acrylic with captive bolts that join the panel with the addition of a nylon cap nut. These connectors make building panels easier and quicker, typically cutting setup time in half. These can be found in our online store.

Do you have any dimensional scenic?

We do!  Check out the Bender panels!  In addition to that, we just launched 90 degree corner connectors which can me used to create, columns, dimensional walls, and other depthy creations.  In the near future we will also be launching some 30 and 60 degree angles to further the creative options.  We are also in the development stages of a few new dimensional panels and a dimensional panel rigging system.  Join our mailing list to stay in the loop about these awesome upcoming elements!

Are the panels fire retardant?

YES!!! Our panels are all fire retardant!  We've worked with our plastics manufacturer to get custom formed coroplast and PVC that includes fire retardant minerals. 
Regardless of the fire rating of the material, common precautions should be taken with any scenic element.  Special care should be used when designing any stage design to ensure proper fire safety.

Do you have any special discounts?

The best way to stay in the know about our special discounts is to join our mailing list at the bottom of this page. We typically send out coupons a few times a year to our mailing list. In addition to that, we do offer discounts on select orders. Email Steven@modscenes.com with your needs and he can best assist you.

What is your return policy?

Any unused product can be returned within 30 days for a refund.  All refunds will be charged a 30% restocking fee. 

What if I'm not happy with my order?

We work tirelessly for this to NEVER be the case! We strive to create a product that our customers are constantly thrilled about. However, if you do ever experience a problem, please do not hesitate to let us know. We will do everything possible to make it right quickly. You can reach us at our Contact Us page.